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Finding Negative Keywords & FREE 1194 Negative Keyword List

Negative keywords are crucial to control costs, increase click-through-rate and ultimately improve your quality score.

Learn how to find negative keywords easily and download my FREE 1194 negative keyword list.

Naturally, negative keywords will also help improve conversion rate and ensure your ads are reaching the people who matter most to your business.

Finding negative keywords is easy and it doesn’t require any complicated expensive software. All the research you need to do can be done free of charge – and it will save you money in the long run.

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Search Query Report

The first port of call in your search for negative keywords should be your Search Query Report.

To access it:

  • Hit the ‘Keywords’ tab in your AdWords account
  • Select the ‘Details’ button
  • Select ‘All’ under the Search Terms heading

Find Search Terms

You will then be shown every keyword that has triggered an impression or click of your ads in your specified timescale.

To get the keywords in a workable format, click ‘Download’ and export the file as a CSV.

Download The Search Terms Report

Download The Search Terms Report

Open your new spreadsheet and add a Filter to the column headings. Filter ‘Added/Excluded’ to only show ‘None’. You can also filter by Campaign and remove your Merchant Centre ads if you want a more manageable list to start with.

Sort Your Spreadsheet

All you need to do now is go through every keyword and determine your new negative keywords – then add them to your account. It couldn’t be simpler!

Keyword Planner – Not Just For Positive Keywords

You’re probably very familiar with the keyword planner for finding your positive keywords (RIP to the keyword tool, I miss you old friend!).

What you might not be doing, however, is using it to find negative keywords too.

I usually do this while I’m creating my positive keyword list in Excel.

Simply create two sheets: one for positives and one for negatives. Download your keyword suggestions, sort by average monthly searches and starting sifting through those phrases!

Pull the great positive keywords over to your Positive sheet, and drag any keywords you want to add as a negative over to your Negatives sheet.

If your campaigns are already up and running don’t worry – you can do this retrospectively too.

Download An Existing Negative Keywords List

While you’ll need to tweak it based on your business, there’s nothing quicker than downloading a ready-made negative keywords list.

I’ve been building up my collection of negative keywords for years now, and I haven’t shared them — until now! You can get my entire list free simply by sharing this post:

I shouldn’t really need to say this but I will: don’t just import the entire list without checking it first. Remove anything that’s going to clash with your positive keywords.

Find Negative Keywords Using A Popular SEO Tool

I’ve produced a killer tutorial for you. I’m going to expose exactly how you can use one of the most popular SEO tools to instantly find thousands of potential negative keywords at the click of the button.

This software really will save you time and money – as well as being useful for your other inbound marketing efforts too.

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